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E-Billing Solutions (EBS) provides a consultative approach to Indian Merchants for facilitating suitable online payment solutions and benefit from the exponential growth witnessed in E-commerce.

EBS launches TranSafe, an all together a new foundation for the merchants looking to exploit the benefits in the e-commerce growth and generate profits through the global channel. An modernization for merchants who are looking to place themselves on the global map where the business never perishes. Brick and Mortar method is now converted to online market much easier & convenient through TranSafe.

EBS Package Credits Required Selling Price TDR AMC
Starter 1 6,000 6.00% 2,400
Regular 2 12,000 5.00% 2,400
Silver 3 18,000 4.00% 2,400
Gold 4 24000 3.75% 2,400
Platinum 5 30000 3.25% 2,400

CC Avenue

Online business, any traditional business, setting up and processing costs can eat away huge chunks of your hard-earned profits; if you are not careful. Allow us to show you why CCAvenue ma kes better business sense as your preferred payment gateway.
Type of Scheme Set Up fees
[one time,
Non Refundable]
AMEX/JCB/Cash Cards/Mobile Payment
TDR***Net Banking
Economy Scheme Rs. 7,500/-* Rs. 1,200/-* 7%* 7%* 4%*
Premium Scheme Rs. 25,000/-* Rs. 2,400/-* 5%* 5%* 4%*
Privilege Scheme Rs. 40,000/-* Rs. 3,600/-* 3%* 5%* 4%*